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What Is
Quantum Biology?

Quantum Biology is the intersection of quantum physics and biology. It is an emerging academic field that has produced compelling evidence that quantum effects take place in living systems - including the human body.


This paradigm-breaking discovery shifts the foundation of our understanding of how human health and disease really work.

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What is Applied Quantum Biology?

Only in the last decade have some independent doctors, health practitioners and researchers (most notably Dr. Jack Kruse) begun to connect the dots that chronic disease, mitochondrial energy production, circadian rhythms, and the healing powers of sunlight are all related.


And more importantly, that these connections can only be explained by the emerging science of quantum biology, which teaches us how photons, electrons and protons interact in our mitochondria and the cellular water inside our bodies to generate energy.


This new paradigm finally allows us to truly get to the root causes of both chronic disease and optimized human health.


This is what we call Applied Quantum Biology.


A growing body of research now proves beyond a doubt that a biologically optimized LIGHT environment is as fundamental to human health as good quality air, water and food.


Put simply, human beings cannot attain or keep optimal health if they do not optimize their light and electromagnetic frequency environment.

However, the science of circadian health and quantum biology has emerged faster than institutional curriculums can keep up with - it's not taught in any medical school yet - so health practitioners must take it upon themselves to understand and adapt to this paradigm shift.

If your health practice does not include the principles of how light and frequency interact with our mitochondria to affect cellular energy and our health, it is missing a foundational element. Adding this knowledge will elevate all other elements of your current approaches, and improve client/patient results. 


Our Applied Quantum Biology Certification program is the first of its kind in the world, and it is meant to be additive and integrated into - not replace - your existing areas of health care practice and expertise.

Building on Ancient Knowledge

While this is a new and developing field, Quantum Biology connects to and explains knowledge that is several millennia old.


Heliotherapy (using the light of the sun to heal) has been used since at least Ancient Egypt, India, Greece and Rome. It was documented by early doctors like Hippocrates, Rufus of Ephesus, and Galen, and was practiced by every culture around the world.


Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, advocated the use of sunlight to restore health in the 1850s. And in the early 20th Century, light therapy was seriously investigated by doctors including Niels Ryberg Finsen, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1903 for his work showing sunlight could heal tuberculosis, and Auguste Rollier, who built open-air sun clinics high in the Alps.


But through all these millennia, the specific processes by which light healed remained unknown.

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Understanding Circadian Rhythms

Then in the last 25 years, we have begun to understand more about the science of circadian rhythms, the circadian clocks in our brain and all around our body, how circadian rhythms control many, even most, of our biological processes, and that natural light cycles are key to governing this entire system, while artificial light disrupts it.


There is now a wealth of published scientific papers and even a Nobel Prize in this field. Many studies have proven clear links between disrupted circadian rhythms and diseases ranging from cancer to hormonal imbalances to diabetes to obesity.


This science is now firmly established. However, most of it is highly technical, focuses on individual genes and specific biochemical pathways, is not taught to or understood by most medical practitioners, and has not yet been translated into practical knowledge for achieving human health.

An Epidemic of Chronic Disease

In modern society, it is clear that we are living through an epidemic of chronic disease, including obesity, autoimmune illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety and depression.


Modern medicine has no explanation for the profound and growing increases of these conditions, and it can only treat symptoms, often with pharmaceutical drugs or surgical interventions.


There is very little understanding of the root causes of these illnesses, or any ways to reduce this epidemic. Outside traditional medicine, food and fitness gurus only see part of the puzzle, and often struggle to achieve real lasting results with their clients.

However, what has become clear is that central to all of these chronic modern diseases is a broken cellular metabolism - the energy pathways in our mitochondria become dysfunctional and cease to generate enough energy for us to live optimally.

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