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Who It's For:

This certification is designed for health and wellness practitioners ready to add Quantum Biology to their existing area of expertise. We have also had people take it who wish to use it in a related field to impact health outcomes for their clients (eg interior designers and wellness product designers).


The certification is not designed for personal healing. For those suffering from a chronic condition, we recommend you work with one of our certified practitioners.

The AQB Certification is considered continuing education, and meant to be integrated into an existing health or wellness related practice.


For those newly transitioning into a health and wellness career, this is a good foundation, but candidates must also have another credential in a specific medical discipline, healing modality or coaching approach.


MDs working in the areas of functional, integrative, family or general medicine.

Support Practitioners

Nurse practitioners, physician assistants, midwives, doulas or anyone who provides supportive care.


NDs, homeopaths, nutritionists or any type of holistic health care provider.


Chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists.

Health & Fitness Coaches

Anyone who supports clients to reach goals in the areas of fitness, weight, energy, performance or longevity.

Mental Health Professionals

Psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists or counselors.

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