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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next cohort? September 2024 January 2025

What are my options for payment? You may make one full payment of $3,997 or three monthly payments of $1,360.

Can I work full time and do the Certification Course? This program is set up perfectly for “busy” people. You can complete everything flexibly within your unique schedule.

What is the time commitment? The total viewing time for all of the lectures is about 15 hours, however they will require multiple views, so it's more like 30. We recommend making time for at least 1 live weekly Faculty Q&A and a bi-weekly coaching call over the course of 9 weeks.

Is there a deadline to complete the course? We encourage that you complete the course within 8-10 weeks. However, we offer extensions when needed.

What if I can’t make all of the live calls? That’s ok. The course is a hybrid structure. We have pre-recorded teaching modules available to watch at your convenience and then weekly live calls that you may attend when your schedule allows.

I live in a time zone where the weekly live calls happen in the middle of the night and are not ideal for circadian rhythms. We understand the time difference is a challenge so we try to keep that inmind and schedule a variety of times to choose from over the course of the 8 weeks. You can join the live calls that work for you at your own pace even if it takes longer than the 8 weeks.

Do you offer a payment plan for the course? Yes, we do offer a 3 month payment plan bills 30 days apart.

I’m not a doctor, can I still take this course? Yes. We’ve had many backgrounds become certified in AQB from; healthcoaches, body workers, interior designers, building biologists, nutritionists, passionate mothers turned quantum healers and many more.

What does the course cover? To see a detailed breakdown of the curriculem please click here.

What are the requirements to complete the course?

I’m not ready to take the course yet but can you put me on a list for the next cohort?

Is there a free trial? We do not offer a free trial. Visit our podcast website to access free resources as well as our YouTube Channel.

Do I get lifetime access to the recordings & live calls? You have lifetime access to the recorded lectures and access to the live calls for a year, after that you continue to have access to live calls for as long as you maintain your membership with the QBC. You are automatically a QBC member for a year as part of your tuition and after that it is billed at $347USD annually.

What is the difference between the QBC membership and the Certification? The Quantum Biology Collective offers a membership for health and wellness practitioners interested in quantum biology, similar to a professional association. Membership includes monthly live events and access to the QBC archive containing presentations and talks on topicsrelated to quantum biology. The certification is a separate and distinct educational offering that follows a curriculum and is structured to teach the fundamentals of the science and its clinical application.

I have questions related to continuing education credits: We offer CEUs via the ANMA, or you can request to submit your credits with the accreditation body that is relevent to you. If you need additional details in order to submit your AQB credits to your organization we can help you with that.

When do the calls take place?

Are there other expenses besides the cost of tuition? There are no additional costs. We offer suggestions but they are not required.

Can I take this certification if I am not a practitioner? Yes, however, this program is deisgned as a continuing education course for trained practitioners. Therefore, in order to receive the completion Certificate and be eligible to sit for the Board Exam you must submit proof of some kind of practitioner or coach training within one year from your registration date.

What designation do I receive, what can I call myself? You receive the following designation: Certified in Applied Quantum Biology

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