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Research Vision

Existing research has proven quantum processes occur in living cells, and light is a driving force. We call this applied quantum biology, and our vision is to support the application of this emerging field of study to human health. With our research arm, we aim to fill in knowledge gaps to clarify future direction within this new frontier of human health.

Short term goals: to fund and support research on the effects of circadian optimization and light as related to human health and biology.

Existing research proves many problems in the environment that disrupt circadian optimization and decrease human health. One of these—artificial light at night (ALAN), a known carcinogen—is nearly ubiquitous in today’s homes. Circadian disruption manifesting as sleep disruption appears in all major mental health disorders. And there are so many other examples of the harmful effects of chrono-disruption.

What we don’t know is exactly what an optimal circadian environment should be. To move forward, we need to know what levels of circadian interventions can positively impact human health parameters.

Filling in this knowledge gap in circadian health is our initial research goal.

Long term: fund and support researchers studying the effects of all frequencies as related to human health and biology such as sound, vibration, thoughts, and emotions.

While the role of light is becoming known, it is also becoming clear the full electromagnetic spectrum affects life at the quantum scale.

But much of the past research on electromagnetic radiation was designed only to prove/disprove harm. 

What we want and need to know is how to positively optimize human exposure levels to these frequencies in ways that can improve health in measurable ways. 

Our long-term vision is to increase knowledge of the entire field of quantum biology and how it can be applied to better support human health. 

Click this link so you can share your research ideas with us.

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