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The IAQB Faculty

The Applied Quantum Biology Certification
is structured as a hybrid of pre-recorded lectures and live Q&A calls.

The faculty listed here are the teachers on the live Q&A sessions that are a required part of the program.
The faculty represent diverse backgrounds in health and wellness, offering varied perspectives across different approaches, with the common thread that they all view human health through a quantum biologic lens.

The IAQB faculty criteria:

1.  Understand human health through the lens of quantum biology
2. Have direct clinical experience applying the principles with patients or clients

There are many brilliant minds doing pure academic research in this field, however, the IAQB requires clinical experience gained from working directly with clients and patients in a real-world setting.

The AQB Certification includes a comprehensive clinical reference section; however studying the research is not equivalent to experience working with actual people.

The key priority of this program is the effective practical application of the science

Lead Faculty

Carrie Bennett

Carrie Bennett, MS

Lead Faculty

Carrie Bennett is emerging as one of the world's leading teachers in the field of Applied Quantum Biology, as a sought-after conference presenter, podcast guest, and Lead Faculty at the IAQB.


Combing years of practical experience with degrees in biology, nutrition and bodywork and a decade of quantum biology research, Carrie is gifted at clearly explaining the complex  quantum  processes at play in the human body.


Dr. Leland Stillman

Dr Leland Stillman, MD

Faculty Member

Dr. Stillman has been recognized as one of the United States' leading Integrative physicians. He practices natural & functional medicine with a systematic approach that addresses all aspects of lifestyle, mindset, and environment, with a strong emphasis on light. 

Heathar Shepard

Heathar Shepard

Adjunct Faculty Member

Heathar has been using sunlight therapeutically with her clients for over 10 years along with Homeopathy and Ancestral Health.


Her approach focuses on removing the root causes of illness through a healing light environment, a reconnection with nature, and eating fresh, local foods. 

Nikko Kennedy.png

Nikko Kennedy

Research Director & Faculty Member

Nikko Kennedy, CLD, BS is a leading perinatal quantum biology practitioner.  She is a graduate of the University of Oregon (UO), and has completed trainings from the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), The Doula Training Center (DTC), The Institute of Applied Quantum Biology (IAQB) and is a 2024 scholarship recipient to Pacific Birth Institute (PBI).

Nathan Walz.png

Nathan Walz

Faculty Member

Nathan Walz is a Certified Health Coach from the IIN as well as a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist who has been applying his research in circadian and quantum health since 2017. Nathan combines best practices from the quantum doctors, healthcare professionals, positive psychology research, and success experts.

Continuing Education & Guest Faculty

Sara Pugh.png

Sara Pugh, PhD

Guest Faculty

Sara Pugh has a degree in Biochemistry Genetics, a PhD in Molecular Mechanisms, certification from the IAQB as well as training in functional neurology, pilates and hypnosis. She has been researching and applying quantum biology since 2020 and is a sought-after speaker on the subject. 

Sarah Kleiner.png

Sarah Kleiner

Guest Faculty

Sarah specializes in teaching individuals and practitioners how to retrain the hormonal energy management system of their bodies - using the master signaling hormones leptin, melatonin, and cortisol - and incorporate proper nutrition to live a happy and healthy life. 

Catherine Clinton.png

Dr. Catherine Clinton

Guest Faculty

Dr. Catherine Clinton, a licensed naturopathic physician, has spent over 16 years helping people overcome their health issues. Diagnosed with two autoimmune conditions and Lyme disease while in medical school, she began the long and difficult journey of healing - a path that led to the commitment to help others to not only heal physically but to return to the relationships with nature that we evolved over millennia for a deeper sense of health and belonging.

Kelli Ritter.png

Dr. Kelli Ritter

Guest Faculty

Dr. Kelli Ritter specializes in quantum health strategies, gut healing and nutritional therapy for improved mood, natural stress relief & anxiety recovery. She is re-defining mental health while helping us all realize a deeper experience of inner peace and restored vitality. Dr. Kelli provides a fresh perspective on health and healing through global education, virtual consultation and practitioner mentorship.

Nick Pineualt.png

Nicolas Pineault

Guest Faculty

Nick “The EMF Guy” Pineault (*like the wine*) is the #1 bestselling author of "The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs" and an advocate for safe technologies. Through his unconventional approach blending humor, science and common sense, he’s becoming a leading voice on the topic of electromagnetic pollution and how it affects our health.

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