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Program Overview

The Applied Quantum Biology Certification is a fast paced but rigorous continuing education program covering the basics of how quantum effects operate in the body, and how to apply that knowledge clinically, over a 10 week period. There is a strong focus on understanding circadian processes, mitochondrial energy production, and the interaction of light with human biology. 

Completion of this certification will enable practitioners to confidently and practically apply the principles of light and related frequencies to human health with their clients or patients.


Completion also provides the option to sit for the new exam to become Board Certified in Applied Quantum Biology, offered through the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (launching in mid 2024).

Child on the beach during Sunset

Sample of Key Elements
of the Program

At the end of this course you will be able to both implement protocols related to circadian / quantum biology AND effectively communicate the ideas behind it.

The course covers:

An overview of how light & other frequencies affect biology

The circadian pathways that lead from the eyes and skin to the brain, and how they control processes throughout the body

The quantum mechanisms that drive the relationship between light and mitochondrial energy production

The epigenetic function of mitochondria in sensing and responding to our environment

The quantum function of Exclusion Zone water in cells

✔ How to safely and effectively use sunlight to heal & treat illness

How to effectively mitigate toxic artificial light & create healthy light environments

Curriculum Overview

  1. Course Orientation Session

  2. Introduction: The Changing Light & Frequency Landscape And Why It Matters w Nathan Walz  

  3. Light, Water, Magnetism: An Overview with Dr. Leland Stillman

  4. Everything Is About Mitochondria: A Deep Dive with Carrie Bennett

  5. The Eye As A Circadian Organ: A Deep Dive with Dr. Jay Montgomery

  6. The Science of Sunlight with Carrie Bennett

  7. Prescribing Safe & Effective Sunlight with Heathar Shepard

  8. Quantum Hydration: How Our Cells Are Programmed By Light with Carrie Bennett

  9. Redox: Bringing It All Together & Clinical Application with Carrie Bennett

  10. When Redox Is Low: Chronic Illness Through The Quantum Lens with Dr. Leland Stillman

You may obtain a more detailed outline by emailing with AQB Curriculum Request in the subject line.

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